We highly recommend, and would appreciate your collaboration in rescheduling instead of canceling!

You may reschedule (rebook) your Scooter or Bike reservation or any Wonder Bike service (on your booking page OR contacting directly with Wonder Bike by email, WhatsApp or phone call) for any period within a year of your original arrival date.

We understand this is not always possible, therefore for the need of cancelation please read bellow:


1.1) If the need for cancellation is expressed with more than 15 days’ notice regarding the supposed arrival date, no fees will be charged, and the full amount paid will be refunded (except for the credit card, or online transfer fees).


2.1) If the need for cancelation is expressed with less than 15 days’ notice but still 24h before the supposed arrival date, the full amounts previously paid will be refunded, credited in GIFT-CARD format to be used until one year from the date of purchase.

2.2)  If the need for cancelation is expressed with less than 24h notice the full amounts previously paid are NON-REFUNDABLE, this also applies for NO-SHOWS!

2.3) For exceptional cases (with a justified reason) alternatives for refund may be considered! This also includes flight cancellations due to CORONAVIRUS  


3.1)  In the case of circumstances beyond normal control, such as war, civil or political unrest, actions and orders from the authorities, strikes, catastrophes, epidemics, or other severe damages or highly unexpected factors, WONDER BIKE may postpone or cancel your reservation and the full amounts previously received will be refunded, credited in GIFT-CARD format to be used until one year from the date of purchase



The following information regards some of the important general terms and conditions of the vehicle rental agreement. At the moment of check-in, these and other information will be present in a formal rental contract signed in conformity of the company WONDERBIKE LDA and the customer:

  • The costumer who signs the vehicle rental contract (independently of the person who made the reservation), must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid identification document (and driving license if applied).

  • The rental price includes, apart from the vehicle and  helmets, the cost of compulsory civil liability insurance for the vehicle (third-party insurance).

  • All rentals must be made official (contract signing and document validation), as well as the vehicle pick-up and delivery, at WONDER BIKE store located in Cascais! Vehicle pick-ups and deliveries at other location are not possible unless for specific situations previously agreed by both parties.

  • At the time of signing the Contract, the Customer will pay a deposit (250€), as a guarantee of compliance with the obligations in the Contract. The deposit may be paid by credit card or cash whichever the costumer prefers! Once the Contract is finalized, provided that the Customer must return the scooter as per the agreed terms and that there is no damage or pending payments of any kind and for any reason, Wonder Bike will proceed with the refunding of the deposit in the same format.
  • The Customer agrees to return the vehicle to Wonder Bike on the scheduled date and at the scheduled time agreed upon in the rental agreement. No refund will be made should the vehicle be returned before the deadline stipulated in the contract



WonderBike may use any personal information that has been provided to WonderBike,including the details of any
authorized driver, in order to provide rental services, in particular to verify identities, collect sums due‘ monitor fraud and manage any situations before, during and after the rental period.

WonderBike may provide the personal details of the Renter contained in the Rental Agreement, and details of the performance of the obligations arising from the Rental Agreement. to third parties such as the police, toll collection agencies. credit recovery agencies (including lawyers) and any other relevant organisation.

In the event of default due to non-payment. if the Renter specifically consents at the end of these Terms and Conditions,WonderBike may likewise communicate the personal details of the Renter to the ARAB — Associations dos Industrialist de Aiuguer de Automéveis Sem Candutor (“ARAC”). for purposes of inclusion in the appropriate
defaulting customers file, which, in turn. may be made available to any of its members to assist them in deciding whether or not to accept the Renter, or any identified driver, as a customer. Please note that the conclusion of the Rental Agreement is not dependent on the Renter’s consent to the use, in any form, of the defaulting customers databases and communication to the ARAC of the personal data provided under this agreement. WonderBike’s privacy policy is available at wonderbikept.

WonderBike may collect and use data in order to provide the Renter with vehicle rental services and for marketing purposes. such as special offers. and for the purposes of the customer loyalty programmer. The
Renter shall be informed of any personal information that shall be collected by WonderBike. The recipients of such data shall Ohlv be used by WonderBike.

Nevertheless, the transfer of personal data to a country with insufficient levels of protection should be allowed based on the exception 01′ “performance of a contract between the data controller and the data subject or measures preceding the formation of the contract or declaration of willingness to negotiate made at their

Accordingly, the Renter is entitled to access, amend and delete any data concerning the Renter. This right may be exercised by contacting

Please be advised, that in order to prevent associated risks ,WonderBike may decline to rent Vehicles to persons who do not offer guarantees of performance of the contract. You are further informed that the personal data of the Renter may be reported to law enforcement authorities, upon request, in the event of violation of the Highway Code and/or the commission of any crime committed during the Renter’s rental.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions. the Renter expressly acknowledges having given explicit consent to the aforementioned privacy policy.

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